There is always something stopping you from doing what you love to do the most, whether that is your own head telling you that you can’t, or your nearest and dearest.

I remember growing up and thinking “is this it?” Is this is what life is about?”. We go to work, we get paid and we come home. We may have 2 holidays a year (if we’re lucky) but truth be told, in this day and age, it looks like there are more and more people actually doing 2 jobs which they loathe to do and would do anything to change it around.

I understand when looking from the outside in and seeing all these people killing it online, you believe you would never be able to do that, I mean, after all, what have you got to offer this world. You sit there day dreaming about the possibilities. but you are no different, because you are ME!

I was exactly the same. I knew I wanted more though and that seems to be the trigger that sets people in to a sub conscious tiz.

It started with being unsatisfied with my job. It wasn’t a bad paying job but I didn’t feel alive when I was there. I didn’t have an emotional connection it was drab; it wasn’t me but what was me?

I had lost all creativity and hope.

I would sit and day dream about the possibilities, but I just didn’t know how to tap into anything. I mean I didn’t even know what skills I had.

I knew some of the things I was good at but it was only when I actually left my job that I realised that I could do what I wanted.

It’s a funny old life when you don’t think you can actually make money from your passions. How many times have you heard someone say “you can’t make money doing that, don’t waste your time”, but you can and I’ve witnessed it, time and time again.

So if you have got a dream, let me give you some hints and tips in my “Escape the Rat Race” guide.

Click here to download my “Escape the Rat Race guide” and learn how you can;

  • Make the exit plans from your boring job NOW
  • Start dreaming and wondering where you could go in this life
  • Identify your key skills / strengths
  • Start making a list of all the ways in which you can incorporate your strengths / skills.
  • Thinko of ideas on how you can make your own money, doing exactly what you love
  • Start to approach people
  • Get set, Action – what it takes.
  • How you can incorporate Consistency into your life and get shizzle done.
Change your thoughts, change your world!!
This is your 7 day challenge that really makes you think about your life, how to turn it around and gives you the key elements to do it yourself.

Don’t fanny about anymore. Take back control of your life and do what you crave to do.