I was just driving along……I have actually parked up now but as I was driving I thought of my friend who died last year and how shit it was, that she didn’t get to meet Daisy, but most of all the she didn’t get to do the things that she wanted.

Then I thought about the mum’s rolling ¬†over and accepting their own fate.

“This is as good as it’s going to get”, type of mum’s.

The ones that moan but do sweet FA, whilst watching Peppa Pig drinking their luke warm tea!

Just recently I’ve seen a switch up though.

Mum’s who are questioning their position

Mum’s who want to find their purpose.

Mum’s who don’t want to just stay at home with the kids.

Mum’s who want more.

Mum’s who knew what they had before and know they can be successful once more.

Mum’s that know, deep, within their very souls, that they can have a better life.

Mum’s that want that;


The Freedom

To earn their own money.

To give their kids a good life

To have a life worth living and know when they reach that grave, they have had the BEST RIDE EVER!

But most of all, to live life to the fullest so that their kids see that life is limitless and will follow in their footprints.

Now this is some good shit.

To be able to work at home doing exactly what you love.

It must be a dream.

I just, couldn’t, possibly, do that, right!?!

It doesn’t have to be hard.

In fact, it’s rather easy but first you need to make that decision.

Will you be the one who raises her hand and says “yes I absolutely want to create a lifestyle where I can still take the kids to school, and earn some proper dollar”

We weren’t born to be ordinary, we were born to make a difference. To leave footprints in the sand!!

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