What if we’ve had it wrong all this time?

What if we’ve had it wrong all this time?

What if we’ve had it wrong all this time?

Firstly let me tell you a story.

I had no school qualifications, in fact I hated school. I ditched college after 3 weeks, all because I didn’t get the grades I wanted, so I had to do a shit course (for a whole year) before I could do the course I wanted – Madness.

I never settled in any job until I was 25.

I worked in London for 16 years and worked my way up the Corporate ladder.

I had my own home, mortgaged.

I had my very own car, all paid up.

I had a great social life.

I made quite a lot of money – I was, say, comfortable.

It looked like I had most of the things that people craved and yet I wasn’t happy in myself.

I suppose disillusioned is probably the word.

I felt tired.

I didn’t feel like I was doing anything worthwhile in my life.

I didn’t really have much “Me” time either.

When the weekend came, all I wanted to do was stay in because I was shattered. Sound familiar yet!?

My parents, predominately my father, but mum for a bit (when the kids grew up) went to work. I would call that generation institutionalised because they knew nothing other than to work really hard to pay the bills.

I looked at them and wondered why life was so hard.

Seriously why do we go to work to earn money just to pay the bills??

There’s no fun.

There’s no freedom

There’s such a short time to spend with your loved ones before having to go back to work.

There’s no time for anything and we rush through work, craving for the weekend.

We’re all running around aimlessly.

Fast forward to 2012 where I enrolled in my first Life Coaching course and I can tell you the difference was like night and day immediately.

I met people from all walks of life that were exactly the same as me, disillusioned and wondering where their path was, when we were all shown a new way.


A new way to live.

A new way to think.

A turning point you could say.

Something to dream about.

I want you to know that you CAN have it all and that believing in yourself is the first step to success.

At the time I was in a job I I didn’t particularly mind but still felt drained of life. I worked some 60 hours a week.

Here was a woman now telling me that I could:

“Do what I wanted in life”

“Have your freedom”

“Take back your life”

So I started dreaming again.

  • What did I want my life to look like
  • How did I want to feel each day?
  • Who did I want in my life?
  • What relationships did I want?
  • What Material things did I want?
  • Where did I want to live?
  • What did I want to spend my days doing?
  • What did I love the most?
  • Where did I see myself in 20, 30, 40 years?

These are all obvious questions right? But have you ever tried answering them?

We were all destined for a life of greatness when we were little weren’t we?

I mean there were no limits. We could easily have told our parents that we wanted to change the world, become an astronaut, work with horses, become rich by inventing something.

What happened to us?

Well here’s my theory.

We went to school and was told to work hard and if we worked hard, we could have a really good job when we were older.  You were told you wanted a reliable, solid job.

We got to about 10 years old when everyone, parents, guardians schools teachers, you name it, would say “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

“What do you want to do when you leave school?”


We hadn’t even lived at this point

We didn’t know our strengths

We didn’t have a clue what we were passionate about

We didn’t even any life skills

We didn’t even know what we didn’t like

So why were people asking us this shizzle before we even knew ourselves.

It’s mental when you think about it.

We were told “don’t be silly, you can’t be an artist when you grow up”

When all along we loved drawing and that was perfectly acceptable for a 6 year old, but now, aged 10, you were told “No” “that will never make you money and it’s unreliable”

Why not?

Why can’t you do the things you love in life?

Your parents, anyone with authority, wanted the best for sure, but that meant getting in a stable job, a university degree, and all because that was the norm “acceptable”. Everyone did it.

How many people do you know who have a university degree that are actually in a job that is related to their field of interest, or doing what they studied at uni? I know one, one person and I know a lot of people.

So we diligently studied and wanted to do our guardians proud and also what the other kids were doing and that’s, get a job at the end of our studies.

We might well have done brilliant at school.

We might well have hated it too (Hello!)

But we just accepted that after school we had these choices:

  • Went to university to study something we might of enjoyed because our parents wanted us to get a degree
  • Or we went to work, aimlessly looking around for a stable job that kept our parents / guardians happy.

No one questioned it. It was the done thing.

Is it any wonder we have so many miserable people around us though?

I have quite a few friends / family who are doing incredibly well, but they are still working to pay the bills so at age 63 (or whenever we’ll be able to retire) we can look forward to retirement.

How messed up is that….. we will spend the next 40 years working our butts off, getting stressed, living for the weekend, or waiting for the 2 weeks where we have a holiday booked, until we reach the ripe old age of retirement to ACTUALLY start living!

Now a serious question:

Are you really going to wait that fucking long?

I don’t know about you but I want a life NOW. That’s rich, full of life, where I can help people and earn good money doing so.

I want a beautiful car

I want a gorgeous home

I want a Louis Vuitton handbag

I want designer clothes

More than anything else though, I want to have lived my life.


When I look back when I’m 90 years old, I want to tell everyone what a fabulous life I had.

I want adventure

I want fun

I want to feel fulfilled.

I want laughter

I want good friends / family surrounding me and sharing those moments.

I want to help others who want a better life.

I want to show them what they CAN have.


I don’t want to be concerned with what everyone else does, or has, or wants.  I want a life where I can wake up each morning and know I’m making a difference to someone’s life.


So ask yourself: Are you really going to wait for retirement to enjoy yourself? To really live your life?


What do you want?

How do you want to live your life?

How can you make that difference?

What do you love doing?

Don’t you want to live your life doing what you love?


Don’t think you can?


In this day and age, anything is possible. With online technology you can sell anything, you can teach anything and people are willing to pay you for that knowledge. Don’t believe me?


From selling Eyebrow courses to online Sewing. Making Jewellery to Network Marketing.


Take a look and you will find people selling all sorts.


I know someone who bought cheap jumpers from a retail store, added some crystals and “hey presto” sold them for triple the price. She can’t keep up with the demand.


Then there was someone who bought stuff from China, made a few amendments and is now getting the stuff shipped in from China at a fraction of the cost, adding her own twists and sells the clothes online.


There’s load of things out there that you can do and arguably you won’t be using any of the skills you got from school. You’ll be using your own strengths / passions and skills that you’ve learnt along the way to make an online business work.


You will be surprised at what you can do and that’s why I’m saying you can do what you love…….everyone else is doing it.


All you need to start is a laptop / Wi-Fi / Connect with others / Stay consistent and have a plan of action.


You can have pretty much have everything set up in a matter of days.


It really isn’t that difficult either.


Especially when you are passionate about something, it just flows and everything comes together


There’s no rules either, with this online shenanigan’s.

You can be who the hell you want

You can be YOU

In fact, the rawer, the more real, the more passionate you are, the more people will resonate with you. They will WANT to work with you.

There’s someone out there for everyone.

So where do you start? How can you create a business doing what you love?

  1. Find out what you’re passionate about? Then identify your own skill and strengths.
  1. Then you need to figure out how you want to live your life. It’s OK to have a successful business but it needs to work with you, around your life. Perhaps you have kids, you may look after someone full time, you might volunteer. It’s got to work for you.
  1. I want you to jot down everything you want to change. Think, work life, Social life, money, spiritually, relationships, health. Think about your daily routine, how does it start? What would you like to change? When you think about what you don’t want, you get clear on how to want your life to look.

I’ll give you an example:

I hated (still do) waking up to an alarm clock.  Something about being jolted awake totally annoys me and starts me off in the wrong mood for the day.

Working to someone else’s schedule. Somehow though, when you’re doing what you love, that doesn’t even come into it. whether you’re a night owl and prefer to work through the night, or wake up with the birds, it doesn’t matter. It’s your schedule. You can do what you damn well like.

Do you prefer to have an hour by yourself when you first wake up. Do it!

Can you see yourself working out during the day, do it!

  1. Write it all out. This is your vision. This is your LIFE.
  2. Start jotting down business ideas that resonate with you, or what you have always wanted to try, or what suits your passions / strength and skill set.
  3. Think of how you can start a business around your day job?
  4. Write out a plan of action
  5. Connect with others and ask them what they want / need in that field (ie a lady who loved knitting wanted to know how she build a business around that. Her answer from beginners, an online course on how to knit. Simple and yet effective. She is also in talks about doing local knitting classes and will do it for special occasions ie knitting for family members at Christmas. Sounds ridiculously simple, it is!

If you are stuck with what you could give this world, get in touch for a free session and we can brainstorm the shit out of your ideas. Click here

Be the Pioneer of your future and do what you need to do to have that amazing life!

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