If you’re waiting for people to come to you and wondering why nothing is working, it’s because you aren’t showing up and when you do, your message isn’t clear or consistent.

No one is going to know you, recommend you, or trust you if you’re inconsistent and unreliable so it’s time to Accelerate your visibility.

If I could choose ONE thing that’s had the biggest impact on my success and helped me keep on track and gain huge confidence.


This 6 week group programme will:

give you the tools, confidence and how to, so that you can stop fumbling around wondering how you can market yourself and where to gain clients. This will give you a solid foundation to start building your empire. 

How does it work and what’s involved?

  • 1:1 group support brought to you over 6 weeks
    Small and intimate Facebook group for participants to interact between calls for extra encouragement and support

You’ll be learning all about;

  • Confidence building and training on negative chatter
  • Marketing your own business on social media and creating your own Marketing plan
  • How you can gain clients through FB lives. 
  • Participating in FB Lives
  • Interacting in an engagement pod 
  • Getting results from your Social Media posts / lives / Groups and Pages
  • Audios and weekly training / exercises

***AND Bonus material: Create your own Social Media Strategy plan for the year ahead***

What's it going to cost?

Join the Visibility Accelerator Mastermind NOW!

I'm Jo, a Business Strategist for mum's in Biz. I simply help mums grow their empires by telling them how to get visible, be seen and be heard!

Why, I know this stuff? I worked in Business Development for 8 years, writing out business plans, forecasts, Marketing Plans and notably, gaining and retaining clients. I also know that the "build it and they will come" line is utter crap, so let me show you how to do it, the right way!