It’s very easy to say “well get a grip and do what you need to do, but do you know where you waste time?”

That’s the place to start.

Statistically we spend 9 hours a day on Social Media!!!!!

So listen to the video and then take a blank piece of paper and write down where you spend your time. Are you on Social Media too much? Do you talk too much to your friends? Do you have long meetings when you needn’t have. Do you take too long getting ready in the morning? What is the one thing that you do, all the time, that kills time?

Do the paper test.

Take away tips –

  1. Plan your week – How do you plan yours?
  2. Get a planner.
  3. Write your goals down.
  4. Make things achievable for you. That means, if you think it’s too much for one day, it probably is.
  5. Time block – Do your business in pockets of time when you can concentrate and not be distracted.