Well thank Christ, we’ve made it through the week!

It is Friday!! In most peoples cases, this means going out drinking in the evening, having fun with your mates, maybe getting wasted and having a hangover that rivals all hangovers. Maybe you’ll have a quiet one and order a Chinese, have a bottle of wine. Maybe Saturday you’ll have a quiet one as last night was “mental” and then Sunday you might go around your families for a roast. Maybe you’ll actually do something fun on Sunday – go to the zoo with the family…but then it hits you, it’s Monday tomorrow and you’re back at work. How shit. You have barely rested and now you are heading back to that crap job again.

We all live for Fridays, I did too. I was then given an opportunity to change. It was when I was being pushed out of my well paid Corporate job that I realised life was too short and I wanted to have more fun, more freedom. What I did was take my Passions / Strengths and Skill set to set up a business I loved.

It all changed.

My outlook on life is different.

If I want to go to the cafe for breakfast on a Friday, I can. Hell I can go any day of the week. If I want to go to the cinema, I can go during the week (much cheaper too – Wahoo). If I want to go away for the weekend, I can. If I want to try a new thing, maybe an adventure, I don’t have to wait for the weekend, I can go anytime.

When you realise how much nicer, calmer, less stressed your life is, can be, when you follow your dreams, it makes Fridays a thing of the past. Every day is Friday for you.

And…… the best thing of all? You can do the same thing – fact!

Can you imagine how your life would be if you could incorporate the very thing you loved and could make money from it?

Plenty of people have done it and you’re no different.

What are you going to do TODAY to make that change?

Happy Friday people ;0)

Change your thoughts, change your world!!
This is your 7 day challenge that really makes you think about your life, how to turn it around and gives you the key elements to do it yourself.