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You see some people killing it. They look amazing. They know it all. They look the business. They are an expert in their field. You look up to them, and they carry themselves exceptionally well and you want to be just like them, but you can’t, because you don’t know a lot. In fact, you don’t know anything. You hold back on opportunities that are staring you in the face. Paralysed by fear. Nobody will listen to you. Overwhelmed, you procrastinate, muddling your way through life and business. You’re a fraud. You don’t look the part, you certainly don’t talk the part…….
If you look at anyone you admire, they exude an air of confidence that is totally mesmerising, but they wasn’t always like that. Go back to the start and they were probably just as shy, uncomfortable, unsure and Frightened as you are now.
It’s time to grow some…..confidence I mean (Or Balls, whichever you call it).
Why would anyone do business with someone who isn’t confident. You need to be able to talk about your business, how you’ve helped people, what benefits they can expect to see. If you can’t do that, all you’ve got is an expensive hobby.
YOU CAN be just like them and I’m going to talk you through how you can build your confidence and build your Biz at the same time.
Your background is the biggest myth buster. From such a small age you might have had a critical parent;”you’ve done that wrong”. Or you might not have done so well in your exams that you felt a failure. Or it could be from one of your closet friends “don’t do that, no one will like you”.
Recognising that you even have these thoughts is the first step to gaining more confidence.

 Limiting Beliefs and Affirmations

I used to hear myself saying things like “Why would they listen to you”. “You are crap”. “you’re a fraud”. I was saying things like that to myself as I didn’t believe in ME. I had such low self esteem.
What are you saying to yourself? In your darkest hours and when you’re alone, what do you say? Are you incredibly negative about yourself? Are you highly critical? Do you procrastinate because of this? Hold off doing the very thing you need, because you have talked yourself out of it?
Well now’s the time to write those things down. All of them. Really spend some time concentrating on the negative aspects and write them down:.
Whatever comes up for you, write it down.
To fix the negative chatter, take a piece of paper and write down everything you can that goes against these very sentences.
Evidence is logical and automatically makes you question the very belief you hold. For instance, someone might have said to you “I love how you are so different, so unique. You aren’t a sheep”. ” I think you’re amazing at ……”
Look for examples when someone has given you a compliment. Physical evidence, an email, an award, a certificate.
Find affirmations that you love and make your own ones up and write them down in your journal every single day. Repetition is key. Write something down long enough and you’ll believe it.

Procrastination / Comfort Zone!

No one is perfect, FACT! Even Mary Poppins had turny out feet!
Nobody cares that you might come across as unprofessional, all they want is someone that they can relate to and ultimately do business with. People do business, with people.
If you’re spending your time, perfecting your messages, your recordings, your grammar etc, all you’re doing is wasting your time.
Throw the towel in on this one and you’ll realise you’ll have so much more time on your hands.
So what to do?
Do something once and the fear just dissipates. People are waiting for you to appear, to tell them about yourself. They want to LIKE YOU so just focus, press send and BREATHE.
Get an accountability partner. My Facebook group is growing we all state what we want to do, our goals for that week. That way, we are putting it out there and every week, we then report back on what we’ve achieved. It works because as soon as you put yourself out there, people start to recognise you and they egg you on. It’s a support network for procrastinators!!!
What have you been putting off? Just DO IT!

 Who do you admire?

It’s a massive step to say that you admire someone and would love to be like them, but it’s important that you are YOU. You aren’t modelling yourself on them, per se, but you are recognising that you like the way they do something. How do they stand? How do they talk? What are they wearing? What do they say? What is their energy like?
Look in front of a mirror and see how you stand. It’s amazing how good posture can immediately help you. You look taller, slimmer, and have less slouchy shoulders. You can see already how much better you look.
How do they do it. You don’t have to mimic them, but take what you like from them and then add your own unique self to it.
Being confident in business starts with your mindset and you will soon be oozing it from every pour. People will love you and want to do business with you, just because your confidence will draw them in.
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