I found this article online earlier and I think you guys will find it quite useful.

There’s something missing though and it’s about having a plan for your posts. Engaging posts areĀ one thing, but sometimes the hardest thing is finding something to talk about. I mean what happens if you want to use Social Media and have nothing to say? Where do you get inspiration? What and how much do you post? What do your clients want from you?

If you have passion for the job you’re doing, you won’t run out of things to say – I promise.

My tips:

1) Be you, never pretend to be someone else.

2) Think of the keys things your client wants to hear about.

3) How and what can you plan for the weeks ahead?

4) Look for inspiration on the web, quotes / podcasts that are in your niche.

5) Most importantly, how can you help your clients / customers more?

6) Always give more and you will receive more.

Happy Talking!!!

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3 Keys to creating engaging posts

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