When I say I journal each morning people ask, what I journal about.

Journaling is essential to my mind set. It keeps me focused on what I want and it keeps me motivated to achieve my goals. It gives me a.clear indication of what I want and if I am having trouble believing in something (big or small), it keeps me in the zone that anything is possible..

Let me give you a demonstration. In 2012 I wasn’t in a good state of mind. I had just started a life coaching course and I enjoyed it, but my personal life sucked. So much so, in a matter of 4 weeks, my then boyfriend walked out, I was put at risk of redundancy and one of my aunts was diagnosed with the very disease that killed my mum. Life was a struggle. I moaned a lot. I was very negative. Then all of a sudden I was given the book The Secret and it suddenly dawned on me; I had to change. I was bored of myself moaning and I had this real desire to change things. I didn’t want to continue on this self destruction.

I got clear on what I wanted.

  • I wanted my family and I to be healthy. For years, we had struggled with health issues. One thing after another happened and it was always negative, low and behold, we were always ill!
  • I wanted someone in my life that wanted the same as me. Not just money but someone who was motivated, driven, wanted to better themselves and refused to give up when the going got tough.
  • I wanted a pay rise and I wanted a promotion. I had all these bills to pay and I couldn’t afford to eat. It needed to change!

When learning about coaching, there is a bit on Mindset, but not a lot. I found myself questioning certain techniques. How could I turn things around when I was so negative.

This is where The Secret (the book) and journaling came into my life and the art of auto suggestion /┬árepetition were my new BFF’s..

It didn’t matter that I didn’t have these things. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know how to get these things, all that mattered was I KNEW what I wanted. It was about changing what I believed to be true, to believing in the possibilities / opportunities out there for me.

I started by journaling every day. Some days it was the same as the day before . Some days it was longer. Some days it was shorter but it all said the same thing. What I wanted was health in abundance for me and my family. I wanted someone in my life that shared the same outlook as me and I wanted, more than anything, financial independence. I wanted to know how it felt to not have to worry about money. To live a life I loved and be happy.

In 9 months flat, I achieved everything I desired.

At first I didn’t believe. I scoffed at the idea that journaling would help but I wanted change and with that change, I journalled every day. I wrote out what I already had, in present tense. I wrote out my desires as if I already had them and with that came the emotion of DESIRE. The desire to get those things. Then came the inspired action. I trusted everything that was thrown at me because I knew that the bigger picture was on it’s way. I was getting ready to receive what I wanted.

If you truly want to change your life around, then you absolutely can. It can only come from you so go forth and journal.


Change your thoughts, change your world!!
This is your 7 day challenge that really makes you think about your life, how to turn it around and gives you the key elements to do it yourself.