I spoke about this on my Facebook live, yesterday morning. You can watch it here.

If you’re struggling with life, a decision, a choice, or even, maybe a sacrifice, it’s important to realise that this change needs to occur.

Changes are inevitable.

It makes us grow as people.

It helps us move forward in life.

People are frightened of change, but really it comes down to fear,  fear of the unknown.

Not knowing what awaits us on the other side.

Will I be ok?

Will it turn out ok?

Will everything work out in the end?

What happens if I make a mistake?

We sometimes force the situation so much because we’re frightened and once we get there, once the change has occurred, it ALWAYS works out.

I love using examples on my writing as it evidences the exact point I’m trying to make.

I went to my school reunion on Saturday and I was reminded how much I’ve changed.

Some of the “cool” kids were there.

People who were popular in school.

Everyone wanted to either be like them, or hang out with them.

They were the kids smoking in the bike sheds. Having sex. Having parties.

I look at them now and they haven’t changed. Not one bit.

They had kids young.

They are stuck in dead end jobs

They haven’t got a job and are on benefits. Waiting for their money so they can buy their fags.

They say “you’re well lucky!”

They are bitter.

They want what you have.

The roles are reversed.

They crave change but do fuck all about it.

They bitch and moan about their lives, but never seem to take those steps to change.

They are stuck way back when they were young and don’t even like or know themselves.

Change is simply growth.

It has to happen.

Stop the change and you will remain stuck. Resent the people around you that are doing well. 

You’ll remain doing the same shit. Like a wasp on a window pane, bashing your head, trying to escape, just to realilse, you need another exit.

Embrace it.

Imagine for one second that this change was the 1 thing that you needed to do, to propel you forward.

That changed your entire life for the better.

That made you realise you could have it all.

Change is a perception.

Start thinking of the possibilities

The opportunities

The pure greatness of it all.

You need to start thinking of change as as positive thing.

If you want change, and you don’t know where to start, feeling overwhelmed by your life as a whole but KNOW you want that business, that life, you WANT IT ALL, then I’m taking taking on 4 x  1:1 clients so message me for more details. Let’s get you moving forward. Let’s get you to change your world, by just changing your thoughts.