Your 15 business ideas:

Earning extra money doesn’t need to be hard you just need some inspiration and a plan of action. I’ve been thinking for a while that I need to share my knowledge of what I have done in the past and made money from, so here are your top 10 ideas that you can start. I’ve added links, where I can, so you can easily take a look at the “how to’s” of these ideas: Again these are just my ideas and stuff I have done in the past. If you want to find out more about how you can set up a business from your own passions, then grab my FREEBIE “how you can start a business in 8 steps”. I’ll talk you through your big idea, how to actually implement it and go through all the “how to’s”.

Cashback sites – Top Cash Back / Quidico – I once made £300 in a year just by clicking on links through these sites. If you want a sofa, TV, or anything pricey, these sites will give you a commission for buying through them.

Write your story- an eBook

Seriously the most easy thing in the world to do. I have created my own and sell it on Amazon. If you have a story to tell, then SHARE, SHARE, SHARE because you never know who you can help and inspire. I wrote mine in word, then PDF’d it and shoved it on Amazon. Simples!

Blogging can make you a tonne of money. See this guy, Yaro. He is currently making 6 figures, just from his blog. He also teaches you how you can grow your email list quickly, so there’s plenty of hints and tips in his Blueprints.

Create an online course – There’s plenty of examples but there are absolutely thousands online if you aren’t taking a piece of the action, you should be. Any online business can create one. I have my very own “Create your Irresistible Course” which shows you how to create a course, on a budget.

Become an Affiliate for a product / service –so many to choose from. I have a Webinar that shows you exactly how to incorporate Affiliate links into your Blog posts and it’s super easy. All you need is a Blog to get started. You can recommend products you have personally used and made your life better. People click on those links and you get a commission – wahoo! You can join my webinar here

Become a Mystery Shopper – now I love this idea because I could do this all day.  Pick your favourite idea, like restaurant reviewer and sign up to do this and get paid.

Join a Network Marketing company – there are loads. Find one you’re passionate about. I joined one, but my heart wasn’t in it. However I know LOADS of people that are smashing this scene. From selling Make-up to Holidays, there are plenty to choose from and if you’re passionate enough about the products / services, then you will make money from it. You can even grow your own team and start coaching them with their own businesses.

Publish a book that is available under public domain. Individuals, who LOVE certain books just sell them directly from their own site so if there is a book you love, which is in the public domain and you have your own platform, then why not sell it and get a commission?

Outsourcing your own skills via Upwork (the new Odesk) or People Per Hour.  Again I was an event planner and would outsource this on these sites. Make a profile up and get connecting.

Make something with your bare hands ie Jewellery and sell on Etsy, or eBay.

Rent out your garage / Spare room if you do not use it/them. you are simply not taking up this opportunity. This is so simple and yet so many people out there, don’t do this. There are so many sites where you can meet (DECENT) people who are eagerly awaiting a room to rent. Just ask on Facebook.

Produce a series of Audios for your chosen area of expertise.

Referral fees (or Collaboration) – for instance Estate Agents offer a recommended Solicitor, Home improvement, Financial Advisors to their clients and then receive a referral fee. Collaboration is the best way to get paid so think of areas where you can link in with specialists and get a cut of the product / service by recommending them.

Buy and Sell products on eBay – put simply. Any old crap you might have is someone else’s treasure so get on it and sell it.

Consultancy – What do you have extensive knowledge of.  I myself done this through the company I was already working for. I saw an opportunity and went for it. You have your own skills / strengths that you can easily utilise to help a company / individual.

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